12 April 2024
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Perspective Plan for the formation of community (hromada’s) territories

is the state’s vision of an effective territorial arrangement at the most basic level of local governance within the relevant oblast. The Perspective Plan was developed with the purpose of forming territorial communities (hromadas) (according to the respective types – rural, settlement, urban), local self-government bodies of which are capable of performing all the functions entrusted to them by law. The Perspective Plan must cover the whole territory of the oblast.

Plenary session of the council

is the way of organising the work of the council during the day or week as envisaged by law.

Public control

is a public inspection conducted by civil society of the state’s activities in terms of their conformity to stated goals, adjusting a given activity and goals as such, subordinating state policy, the activities of its bodies and officials to the public interest, and also, civil society overseeing the activities of the state and local self-government bodies, aimed at protecting and ensuring the rights and respect for legitimate interests of people and fundamental freedoms.

Public hearing

is the procedure regulated by the charter of the community (hromada) that refers to public discussion of the most acute issues of local significance, hromada meetings with members of local council and local self-government officials, where members of the hromada may raise questions and make suggestions on local self-government issues. These proposals are subject to mandatory review by local self-government authorities and officials.