12 April 2024
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Levels of local self-government

are as follows: regional – oblasts, sub-regional – rayons, basic – villages, settlements, cities, districts in cities (hromadas after introduction of the planned legislative changes).

Local Government Development Centre (LGDC)

is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that provides organisational, advisory and information assistance to executive authorities on the implementation of reforms in the sphere of local self-government and decentralisation of powers. It serves to strengthen institutional, administrative and expert support of the reform at the local and regional level. The work of the LGDC is also aimed at monitoring the implementation of reforms at the regional level, summarising information on problematic issues and making proposals to the Government for possible solutions.

Local government budget (local budget)

is a plan for the formation and use of financial resources necessary to ensure the functions and powers of local self-government. The local self-government body independently develops, approves and oversees the use of the local budget.

Local initiative

is the right of members from a territorial community (hromada) to introduce a consideration to the council (under local initiative procedure) of any issue assigned to local self-government competencies.

Local policy

organises the common livelihood of people living in a particular settlement.

Local referendum

is a form of addressing local issues by the territorial community (hromada) through direct expression of will from its residents. It is regulated by the Law “On All-Ukrainian and Local Referendums.”

Local self-government

is the right of a territorial community (hromada) (residents of a city, settlement or village) to voluntary amalgamation into a rural hromada of residents of several villages – to independently resolve local issues within the framework of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine. This concept applies not only to the base level, but also to the sub-regional (rayons) and regional (oblast, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) levels.