21 April 2024
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Administrative Service Centre (ASC)

is an office through which administrative services are provided both by local self-government bodies and by state authorities. In this case, the visitor has no direct contact with the official, who renders such a service. ASCs are set up at the level of governance closest to the residents. The local self-government body of the basic level (city, amalgamated hromada) is responsible for the operation of the ASCs.

Administrators of budget funds

are budgetary institutions represented by their leaders, who are authorised to receive budgetary allocations, make budgetary commitments and designate budget expenditures.

Amalgamated hromada (AH)

is the unification of several settlements with a single administrative centre. Any amalgamated hromada (community) with a city as an administrative centre is an urban hromada, any amalgamated hromada with an urban-type settlement as an administrative centre is a settlement hromada, and any amalgamated hromada with a village as an administrative centre is a rural hromada.

Association of citizens

is a voluntary civil society organisation created on the basis of common interests to jointly exercise the citizens’ rights and freedoms.