21 April 2024
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Capable hromada

is a community where local budget sources, infrastructure and human resources are sufficient for local self-government to address issues of local significance impacting the interests of the community’s residents.

Charter of the amalgamated hromada

is the main document of the amalgamated hromada adopted by its representative body to address historical, national-cultural, socio-economic and other special aspects of the local self-government.

Civil society

is the sphere of non-state social institutions and relations that go beyond the scope of state policymaking, as well as the aggregate of non-governmental organisations representing the will and interests of citizens. Elements of civil society are political parties, public associations, associations and other organisational constellations that cover all spheres of public life.

Concept of Reforming Local Self-Government and Territorial Organisation of Power in Ukraine

is a document approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 1 April 2014 (No. 333-p). It defines the directions, mechanisms and timeline for the formation of effective local self-government and territorial organisation of power to create and maintain a valuable living environment for residents, provide high-quality and accessible public services, establish institutions for direct democracy, satisfy the interests of residents in all spheres of life within a certain territory, and reconciling the interests of the state and local communities (hromadas).

Council of the amalgamated hromada

is a representative body of local self-government, a legal entity which is the centre administration of the amalgamated hromada. It is the successor of the rights and duties of all legal entities – village, town and city councils elected by territorial communities that amalgamated, from the day when the authority was acquired by the village, town and city councils elected by the amalgamated hromada.