21 April 2024
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Educational district

is the union of educational establishments, cultural and sports institutions (subjects of the district). The district may include general secondary education hub institutions of the school (hereinafter referred to as “hub institutions”) and their branches.

Effective local self-government

refers to management through which all community (hromada) members have easy access to quality services. In addition, citizens can participate in the development of territories and influence local government decisions.

Entrepreneurship Development Programme

is a nationwide programme to create favourable conditions for the activities of small and medium enterprises, supporting and developing such entrepreneurship through the introduction of innovative technologies.

European Charter of Local Self-Government

is a document adopted on 15 October 1985 under the auspices of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe, which is open for signature by member states of the Council of Europe. The document came into force on 1 September 1988.

The Charter defines basic principles and mechanisms of action for self-governing bodies in the Council of Europe member states. The decentralisation of power, application of the subsidiarity principle (resolving specific problems at the level of power closest to everyday needs of people) is the main idea of ​​the charter. This is the first document of its kind, which guarantees the implementation of the subsidiarity principle. Higher administrative bodies must address specific problems only if their resolution by local administrations is ineffective or impossible. The document establishes the political and economic rights of local self-government, its independence from the central government, its duty to protect citizens from the abuse of national and pan-European bureaucracy. Principles of the Charter apply to all types of local government. Ukraine ratified the Charter on 15 July 1997.