23 July 2024

Do municipalities need a development strategy? – the Municipality project is on air for the third time

What is a municipality strategy and is it necessary? Have the strategies been efficient in the municipalities where they were available? What a strategy must be like and what are the major problems? How can municipalities cooperate with each other and with the Lviv Oblast Council? Is it worth waiting for subventions from the state budget? What priorities do Lviv municipalities have? Presenter Stanislav Bezushko was searching for answers to all these questions together with the guests of the Municipality programme on air of the Pershyi Zakhidnyi (First Western) channel.


amalgamation of hromadas Stanislav Bezushko


Львівська область


Жовтанецька територіальна громада Ходорівська територіальна громада



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23 July 2024

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22 July 2024

Join Training Program "Steps for Specialists. Reconstruction projects in municipalities"!

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