05 March 2024
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Local self-government bodies have used only 50-75% of subvention funds for New Ukrainian School

Despite the fact that in April the state allocated UAH 1 billion for the New Ukrainian School, local self-government bodies have only used from 50% to 75% of this subvention – in the hromadas with the worst situation these funds have not been allocated for months, the majority suffers from the fact that Ukrainian producers cannot completely satisfy the demand and send letters that furniture delivery will take place during September, said Liliya Hrynevych, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, during the discussion with educators, held in the Brody Rayon of the Lviv Oblast on 17 August 2018.

“The first thing to know is that, despite the delay, all furniture will be in schools, since all these funds are targeted, they cannot be used for anything other than furniture, desks, and didac materials for elementary school. But in general, this situation, on the one hand, shows the immaturity of deputies of certain local councils that for months could not get together to vote for the distribution of funds, thus delaying the process and not allowing money to be used for procurement, as well as certain local authorities that do not manage to announce tenders. On the other hand, there is the fact that Ukrainian producers – and we can make purchases only from them – now simply cannot cover the existing need for equipment. Although, of course, the problem with production capacity would not have been so strong, if everyone had started to work on procurement on time,” said Liliya Hrynevych.

She added that now, when in fact all local self-government bodies have massively started to hold tenders, it also harms the areas, where the government has made all allocations on time.

“We are provided with consolidated information that the share of used subvention funds for the New Ukrainian School ranges from 50% to 75%. But to be honest, in a number of oblasts I have doubts about the data provided, especially if you compare it with what was submitted a month ago. Such problems with provision of information have long existed, so now we are working on a system that will connect us directly with the schools, where the institutions themselves will be able to talk about the real volumes of everything received,” noted the Minister.

She also stressed that within the current situation, it is very important not to create conflicts, but to do the remaining work.

It is also significant to remember that school heads and parents have the right to ask their local authorities about the volume of funds the oblast has received from the state budget, sum of funds it has supplemented on the basis of co-financing, and the list of schools that have received the appropriate equipment.

It should be mentioned that 11 oblasts have used the state subvention for the purchase of buses to transport children to hub schools.

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Local self-government bodies have used only 50-75% of subvention funds for New Ukrainian School


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