23 May 2024

Cleanliness station. The Bakhmut municipality is realizing a large-scale project of waste treatment

One of the largest waste sorting stations of Ukraine is being brought to its close in the Donetsk oblast. Over 40 people will be employed here. Waste sorting is starting there next March.

According to Andriy Malyovanyi, former head of the State Environmental Inspection, over 470 million ton industrial and household waste is generated annually in Ukraine. Nowadays an average person generates approximately 250-300 kg per year. According to MinRegion, last year over 54 million cubical m or more than 10 million ton of household waste was generated. It is buried at 6 thousand landfill sites, the total area of which is almost 9 thousand hectares.

«Thanks to waste collection, 34 waste sorting lines, 1 refuse incinerating plant and 3 refuse incinerators, functioning in 1725 settlements, about 6,3 % of household waste has been recycled and utilized», – claims the ministry report.


report garbage


Донецька область


Бахмутська територіальна громада


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