02 March 2024
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Reforms demand efforts from both the central and local authorities, - Dmytro Razumkov

Local councils of all levels have to function consistently and come to an agreement on the issues that are important for the municipality. It was emphasized by The Head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Dmytro Razumkov, while addressing the VIII All Ukrainian Local Self-Government Forum in Lviv.

He underlined the necessity of cooperation between the central and local authorities.

«I think that joint work must take place in the Parliament, too. I hope that we’ll succeed in it, we often come to a consensus on many issues. I would like to see the same work on all councils’ level, ranging from the Verkhovna Rada to the village council. People do not understand quarrels. For them we are the unified authorities. Here there will be no majority or opposition but there will be the question if you do your work in a qualitative way», - said Dmytro Razumkov.


Dmytro Razumkov Constitution


Верховна Рада України

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