15 June 2024
Public Transportation in the Kyiv Metropolitan Area: a Round table on European practice

Public Transportation in the Kyiv Metropolitan Area: a Round table on European practice

Since the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine, the infrastructure of some of the Kyiv’s neighbouring municipalities has been heavily damaged or ruined, including the transportation. The municipalities of the Kyiv metropolitan area are therefore starting to assess the possible options for the joint reconstruction of their public transport system. The Centre of Expertise for Good Governance, in cooperation with the association of local authorities “Kyiv Agglomeration”, organised on 21 June an online round table on “Public transport system: European practices and solutions for the Kyiv agglomeration.”

The successful practices in the metropolitan areas of Barcelona, Strasbourg and Turin, were shared with the Ukrainian authorities, which included Mr Vyacheslav Nehoda, Deputy Minister for Communities and Territories Development, Mr Vitaliy Klychko, Kyiv City Mayor, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ukrainian Railways, and local authorities. The participants discussed the development of the relevant legal framework in Ukraine and exchanged views on further steps to improve the public transport system in the Kyiv agglomeration.

The Council of Europe will continue providing support to the Kyiv agglomeration, so that it can identify the most suitable solutions to “build back better” its public transport system once the conflict is over.

The recordings of the Round Table can be viewed on the following Facebook pages: Council of Europe Programme and Kyiv Agglomeration Association.


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