12 April 2024
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5 copecks. The Dobroslavska municipality New Year fairy tale

5 copecks. The Dobroslavska municipality New Year fairy tale

The material tells you how, due to regular registration of various weird records and creation of tourist magnets, the municipality has succeeded in becoming internationally known and attracting investors from the United Arab Emirates.

The Dobroslavska municipality of the Odesa oblast can enter the Ukrainian Book of Records in a quite unusual nomination: here most national records have been set – 17 ones, one per a thousand of its population. The latest record has been a New Year tree made of 10 thousand five-copeck coins, having grown out of use last year. For several months the coins had been collected by the municipality residents and given to Odesa sculptor Kyryl Maksymenko, working free of charge. The New Year tree has entered the glory, having been highlighted in various reports, articles and countless reposts in social networks. However, it not the end of the fairy tale of the Odesa oblast municipality. It is just a prologue of a genuine fairy tale about initiative and creative thinking becoming a precondition of development.


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