23 May 2024

The Mariupol municipality shared its successful cases in the educational spheres that are difficult to believe

Powers, resources, independence in decision making and responsibility for the decisions are becoming the basis of quality changes in municipalities. Such a judgement has become the main issue of the VI-th Forum «Efficient local administration as a precondition of a democratic and law-governed state».

Particularly, the Mariupol municipality of the Donetsk oblast has shared its interesting cases. A successful project, according to deputy Mariupol mayor Serhiy Orlov, is putting things right with non-major employees in the municipal educational sphere. Their staff included over 2 thousand employees, with their annual salary fund being UAH 260 million or $ 10 million. The work was started from technical and vocational education.




Донецька область


Маріупольська територіальна громада


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