22 July 2024

Decentralisation is a good example for other reforms in our country: theses of the VI-th Forum «Efficient local administration as a precondition of a democratic and law-governed state»

The stance of the President of Ukraine and the ruling party is that decentralization has to go on, despite all the challenges.

It was claimed by Andriy Klochko, the head of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the public power organization, local self-government, regional and urban development, during the VI-th Forum «Efficient local administration as a precondition of a democratic and law-governed state».

«We can argue over detail but we are unanimous that the reform is destined to succeed as it meets interests of each citizen. The end of the year is an occasion to make conclusions. We have made amendments to the law on military and civil administrations, temporarily exercising local government duties in the area of resisting the Russian Federation. We have also adopted in the first reading amendments to the law on local state administrations. It has been improved and now it is ready for the second reading. I hope that in the near future the parliament will pass it. We have been working hard over the document on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine in terms of decentralization, that being an important task for the next year. We are working over bills on the division of powers between the executive authorities and local self-government of all levels. Our best advisors are associations of local self-government bodies that is why we consider it necessary to improve standards concerning such associations legally», - said Andriy Klochko.


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