15 July 2024

Common sense versus fakes: how Morshyn has managed to get the majority of the adult population vaccinated

According to the survey by the Democratic Initiatives foundation, held in September, despite the fact that more and more people are going down with coronavirus, 56% of Ukrainians are not planning to get inoculated. The reasons for it are as follows: fear of side effects, unexamined vaccines and mistrust of the government.

At the background of Ukrainians being worried of vaccination the Morshyn municipality experience is an indicative example as there in April a pilot project of mass population inoculation was launched to prove to be efficient two months later: as of August, 66% of adult residents got two vaccine shots. The key success factors of the campaign are transparent communication with the town inhabitants, close cooperation with the medical community and local authorities’ initiatives.

The material represents the analysis of Morshyn experience, testifying to the fact that being active and cooperating make it possible to counteract misinformation on vaccination and to increase the inoculation level.

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Common sense versus fakes: how Morshyn has managed to get the majority of the adult population vaccinated




Львівська область


Моршинська територіальна громада


Центр стратегічних комунікацій

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