24 July 2024

Each hromada will be able to assess its work outcomes in an unbiased way – hromada capability was discussed in Berdychiv

This year a MinRegion’s priority is to support the hromadas, having just started functioning under the new conditions. It is defined by the 2021 Government Action Plan and the President’s Decree. For the support to be efficient, it is necessary to understand what kind of assistance is needed by hromadas, what issues are common and which of them are urgent only for certain hromadas. For this purpose the MinRegion jointly with experts has created the hromada capability portal, enlisting all the hromadas and a set of their potential and development level markers.

It was covered by the Deputy Minister of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine Vyacheslav Nehoda during an open dialogue on Zhytomyr oblast hromadas development under the conditions of local selfgovernment reform, having taken place today in Berdychiv.

«The portal is beneficial not only for us and for our monitoring, but also for hromadas themselves and local state administrations. The data, available there and those to appear at the portal in the future will enable them observe unbiased outcomes of their work, compare, analize, conclude, search for causes and opportunities, resulting in making reasonable decisions, targeted to hromadas and territories development», - stated Vyacheslav Nehoda.

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otsinka efektyvnosti hromad amalgamation of hromadas V.Nehoda Pavlo Ostapenko


Житомирська область


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24 July 2024

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