20 May 2024

On hromadas-povits in the amendments to the Constitution

During the rayon reform it has been proposed to establish some rayons within one hromada – a city.

Such claims are emotionally coloured in terms of city «downgrade» and meet certain pressure groups’ interests. Particularly, the Association of Ukrainian Cities insists on enshrining such a status in the Constitution. It will result in a collision of article 118 inconsistency, as the article appoints prefects in povits, rather than hromadas-povits. Thus, it is suggested that such hromadas should be excluded from the sphere of administrative supervision by the central authorities representative.

The proposition also meets the plans of creating a biased system of administrative and territorial arrangement for the purpose of benefiting, compared to other administrative units. A new system will make it possible to have thrice more benefits of rich administrative and territorial units over poor ones, that being a considerable inequality. Thus, the idea of cities-rayons means various sets of authorities, which should be accompanied by the return to the old leveling system, which used to function from 2001 till 2014, far from being encouraging for cities.

Колонка відображає винятково позицію її автора. За достовірність інформації відповідає автор колонки. Точка зору редакції порталу «Децентралізація» може не збігатися з точкою зору автора колонки.
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Юрій Ганущак

Author: Юрій Ганущак


rayon Yu.Hanushchak

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