29 February 2024
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Top-10 priorities in developing social services in hromadas

UNICEF and partners of the project “Jointly. Social Services for Families in Hromadas” have analysed the social services systems in 12 hromadas in Eastern Ukraine. According to the analysis, there have been developed 10 major recommendations, aimed at assisting in services enhancement in hromadas. The recommendations are multi-purpose and can be useful for other hromadas, currently working over the social services system development. They are as follows:

  1. To approve the interdepartmental interaction procedure;
  2. To develop a hromada infrastructure;
  3. To institute the staff position of a social worker;
  4. To introduce a day-care service;
  5. To ensure statistics collection;
  6. To create the administration information system;
  7. To upgrade social experts;
  8. To improve psychological consulting services provision;
  9. To introduce a social order mechanism;
  10. To facilitate a social services market.


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