22 February 2024
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Poltava and Kharkiv Oblast Councils awarded the journalists-winners

If you are covering the results, best practices and challenges related to the decentralisation reform and community development in Ukraine you could annually apply to the regional and national Media Contests on Decentralisation launched by Ukrainian local authorities and the Ministry of Regional Development to support the Council of Europe Best Practice methodology.

On the Journalist's Day in Ukraine, the winners of the annual Poltava and Kharkiv Media Contests were awarded in the regional councils.

More information about Poltava Regional Media Contest here.

More information about Kharkiv Regional Media Contest here.

“Many journalists became experts in terms of community development. The authorities listen out to your publications and even are guided by them. This can serve like a bridge between people and authorities,” – Sergii CHERNOV, Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council.

“Co-operation between journalists and municipality is one of the important precondition for creating a modern democratic society. It will help to provide the population with objective information about situation in the region and the state as well as implement good governance,” – Anatolii KHANKO, Chairman of the Poltava Regional Council.

More information in Ukrainian.

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Poltava and Kharkiv Oblast Councils awarded the journalists-winners

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Полтавська область Харківська область


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