29 February 2024
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Changes to the list of projects funded from SFRD this year to be introduced - Alyona Babak

The Ministry of Development of Communities and Territories, on the instructions of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, has analysed the state of implementation of projects financed from the State Fund for Regional Development. As a result of the meeting of the Commission for Selection of Investment Programmes and Regional Development Projects implemented at the expense of the SFRD, the Oblast State Administrations and Kyiv City State Administration were instructed to further elaborate the lists of projects to exclude or reduce the amount of funding for projects that are in danger of not using the funds till the end of the year.

“In particular, according to information from the OSA and the KCSA, there are 22 projects worth almost UAH 137 million, for which no tenders were announced at all. Of these, 7 projects worth over UAH 38 million are proposed to be excluded by the OSAs. For 15 projects (over UAH 98 million), the oblasts provide guarantees for full use of funds by the end of the year. In addition, the regions proposed to exclude 9 projects (about UAH 82 million) and reduce funding for 9 projects (over UAH 106 million), for which tenders took place, but there are risks with the use of funds this year,” said Minister Alyona Babak.

In general, it is planned to make changes to exclude or reduce the amount of funding according to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On investment programmes and projects of regional development that may be implemented in 2019 at the expense of the State Fund for Regional Development” regarding 26 projects worth over UAH 226 million.

It should be mentioned that UAH 7.67 billion are envisaged by the State Budget-2019 for the State Fund for Regional Development. The Government approved 707 investment programmes and regional development projects for nearly UAH 7 billion to be financed from the SFRD in 2019.


Alona Babak SFRD



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