26 February 2024
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What draft laws should the new Verkhovna Rada consider in the first place? Experts of Reanimation Package of Reforms explain

Experts from the Reanimation Package of Reforms have released a list of 20 draft laws that they believe should be a priority for the new Parliament. They relate to decentralisation, environment, public administration, national security and economy. The RPR coalition also sent a detailed document to parliamentary faction leaders with proposals for parliament’s action.


“We would very much the new government, based on the best practices of the previous government, to take these tips into consideration, and we wish them good luck – we all live in this country and work for this country. It all depends on the desire of the new government to cooperate not only with its large faction, but also with civil society experts, because governance is a great intellectual challenge,” said Ihor Burakovskyi, co-chairman of the Reanimation Package of Reforms Council, at the press briefing in Ukrainian Crisis Media Centre.

What are the most significant initiatives and why?



There are 1356 approved amalgamated hromadas in Ukraine, less than 300 remain unapproved.



Anatoliy Tkachuk, member of the Reanimation Package of Reforms Board:

Now we have a unique opportunity to quickly complete the reform: to approve the administrative and territorial structure of Ukraine. This can be done in September by adopting one law with 24 annexes or 24 laws approving administrative units in each oblast."

– Second: the law on the principles of administrative and territorial structure should be adopted.

– Third: amendments to the law on regulation of urban development activities should be approved.

– Local elections system is to be reviewed – in order for local councils not to turn into political structures, but to work for territory development.

– In the medium term, a new version of local self-government laws in Ukraine and local state administrations should be adopted.


Environment protection



Olena Kravchenko, Executive Director of ICO Ecology. Right. Person”: “We hope that we will still be able to convince the President and management that there should be a separate Ministry of Environmental Protection in this country, or at least a balance of experts should be provided.

Merging of the Ministry of Energy and Ecology creates an ideological conflict. There is an argument in other countries that environmental protection is combined with other industries - yes, but it is combined with sustainable development, tourism, and agriculture. In a country with priority for the coal industry, nuclear power rather than green energy, it seems interesting how the ministry will conduct a strategic environmental assessment of hydropower development programmes, etc.… The previous minister's team laid the foundations for genuine pro-European environmental reform. To abolish this ministry with the argument that it is inefficient and therefore unnecessary is the same as destroying the foundation of an unfinished home.”

In recent years, many initiatives have been prepared but not yet adopted. They should be a priority for the new government:

– Package of waste management bills.

– On State Environmental Inspectorate, which is also linked to the law on increasing liability for environmental violations.

– Emerald Network Territories Act: conservation of natural habitats, natural fauna and flora

– Amendments to animal cruelty laws.

Public administration



Igor Koliushko, Chairman of the Board of the Centre for Political and Legal Reforms, expert of the Reanimation Package of Reforms

On the beginning of work of the Verkhovna Rada and the Government:

– It is unjust that the largest faction has occupied all the nearest places – factions should have equal access to the rostrum.

– Forming a government in one day is a disturbing symptom: it means that the government was not formed by the prime minister, he did not have time for this.

– Reducing committees from 28 to 23 is a positive step. But the number of committees – from 5 to 35 members, and even if a few more deputies want to work in the committee – this cannot be done.

– Merging 4 ministries is a debating issue.

As far as priorities for the new Verkhovna Rada are concerned:

– The new version of the law on the Cabinet of Ministers and central executive bodies should be adopted as soon as possible. There is already a a very good quality draft law;

– Draft law on administrative procedure – to protect citizens in their relations with officials;

– New law on referendum – to have clear legislation and no temptation to abuse this instrument.


National security



Olena Trehub, Secretary General of the Independent Defence Anti-Corruption Committee (NAKO), expert of the National Security Coalition Group: “The budget of the Ministry of Defense is UAH 100 billion. But unfortunately there is no mechanism for civil society to control these expenditures, so that parliamentary oversight of these expenditures can be carried out.”

- Parliamentary Committee's capability in security, defense and intelligence to oversee defense budget and procurement needs to be strengthened.

- A law on protection of classified information is required.

- The state defense order system should be reformed.

- Reform of the Security Service of Ukraine: it should retain its functions of counterintelligence, protection of state secrets and fight against terrorism.

- Yesterday's appointment of a civil defense minister who is an expert in the field is a positive step: it is part of the transition to Euro-Atlantic standards.





Igor Burakovsky, Co-Chairman of the Reanimation Package of Reforms Council:

“I look forward to the Cabinet's action plan, performance indicators they want to achieve, since different statements are being made right now. It must be understood that for Ukraine, increasing economic development is a matter of survival.”

– The law on consolidation of functions of state regulation of the financial service market has to be adopted.

– The law on preventing undue pressure of state oversight measures on business and strengthening business protection against unlawful actions or inaction on behalf of licensing authorities.

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE


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