19 July 2024

Digital Hromadas. How to combine online and offline approaches in public opinion survey


Public opinion provides a solid foundation for the hromada’s potential development. Having successfully established a system of collecting and analysing citizens' opinions, the authorities can increase their work efficiency and strengthen trust in it.

The DOBRE Programme in the cycle of Digital Hromadas articles advises AHs on how to successfully develop within the digital space, as well as how to use the online tools to promote the involvement of residents in the development of their hromadas.

How does the opinion of citizens influence further AH development?

There are at least 3 components:

  • Staying tuned. Regular surveys of public opinion are a guarantee that you will always be on the wave of preferences of the residents.
  • Focus on growth points. Listen to the citizens, take their point of view into consideration, it works.
  • Trust formation. Ask citizens to come up with meaningful ideas, communicate plans and achievements, and be sure your AH will grow fast.

How to set up a survey system in the hromada?

One of the practical ways is to conduct a survey through online services.

To conduct surveys under a combined type of SocialBoost, DOBRE has developed the DOBRE.Pytannya system within the framework of the Programme. The system allows household surveys to be conducted through a mobile application and, importantly, without network connection.



For more tips on hromada development in digital space, go to Digital Hromadas section. Find out how to develop the AH website with a new approach, how to attract investors and promote budget transparency in your hromadas.

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE


Dosvit DOBRE elektronne vriaduvannia participation of citizens


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