15 July 2024

How can hromadas exercise child protection powers? - Manual from DOBRE Programme

Application of new powers in the field of child protection, creation of a network of specialised structures and ways to combine their functions are especially relevant issues for rural amalgamated hromadas, where these functions were performed by the rayon state administration.

The Ukrainian Crisis Media Centre within the USAID DOBRE Programme, under an expert guidance of Lyudmyla Volynets, candidate of political sciences, prepared a manual entitled The powers of amalgamated hromadas on ensuring and observing the rights of the child: understanding the origins of the functions (DOWNLOAD). This brochure can provide hromadas with practical algorithms and familiarise them with the peculiarities of these new powers.

The manual is useful for anyone in the hromada who deals with the rights of children: from the AH head to the direct executor – expert of a specialised department.


The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE



youth amalgamation of hromadas social services



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