17 April 2024
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Tyachiv municipality received a fire truck from its Polish sister town

On November 8, a specialized fire truck arrived in Tyachiv municipality, Zakarpattia oblast, from the Polish sister town of Tuszyn with the assistance of mayor Witold Malecki.

The press service of Tyachiv Rayon Military Administration reported that on October 19 of this year in Tuszyn (Republic of Poland), Tyachiv Mayor Ivan Kovach and Mayor Witold Malecki signed an agreement on donating a fire truck to the Tyachiv Fire Department.

Today the vehicle arrived to the fire station of Tyachiv municipality.

The Polish town of Tuszyn has been a sister town of Tyachiv since 2016. All these years, the towns maintain friendly relations and cooperate. From the first days of the war, Polish friends also supported the residents of the Tyachiv municipality with humanitarian aid.

In March the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine initiated the International Marathon of Local Self-Government, aimed at drawing the attention of the world's municipalities to the tragedy of Ukrainian municipalities and intensifying the process of establishing sisterly relations.


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