23 May 2024

How Askania-Nova wants to become a Ukrainian tourist giant

The municipality of Askania-Nova is proud of the conservation area, bearing the same name. Annually it is visited by tens of thousands of tourists. However, having visited the conservation area, they leave Askania-Nova as there is nowhere to stay there for a night.

So, the municipality wants to implement a new project of the hotel cluster. It has already allocated a land plot in the centre of the settlement, developed a design and is looking for investors for its realisation.

The municipality also wants to arrange a location at the site of the former dried pond. It will be art-space for festivals and various show-programmes to be held. It is necessary to purchase audio- and video-equipment, to make the roof for the stage and install trade pavilions, cafes and bio-toilets. That is the reason for the municipality to participate in Our Municipality competition with this project. Askania-Nova has already become the competition finalist and hopes to win it to attract more tourists.

The report by Vikna-novyny features the project in detail.


Nasha hromada tourism culture


Херсонська область


Асканія-Нова територіальна громада


Наша громада

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