23 February 2024
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Work of selection commission of Best Local Self-Government Practices Competition continues

Members of the commission of the competition Best Practices of Local Self-Government" selected 75 out of 136 applications at their second meeting.

After the third meeting, which is scheduled for the second decade of November, the commission will verify practices of the finalists. The Council of Europe experts will be involved in this. It is up to them to conduct field visits and find out if the practices described in the applications submitted by the local authorities are true.

After verification, the selection commission will submit proposals to MinRegion on the practices that may be called “the best” ones.

MinRegion, as the organiser of the competition, will process the proposals and decide on the winners.

The winners are awarded within the first, second, and third places and receive diplomas of the appropriate degree.

The competition participants can be awarded with a Special Award diploma, but again according to the proposals of the competition commission and following the organiser’s decision.

Information on the competition results is published on MinRegion’s official website on the day of the award ceremony, therefore, the finalists do not know the degree of the diploma before the actual awarding.

Awarding of local self-government bodies, the practices of which will be recognised as the best in the 2019 competition, is scheduled for December and, as always, is held on the occasion of the Local Self-Government Day.

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Work of selection commission of Best Local Self-Government Practices Competition continues


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