17 July 2024

Conflict-free life: Severynivska AH creates safe environment for children and adults

Innovative methods for creating a safe environment are being implemented in the Severynivska OTG, which has chosen community safety as one of its priorities.

In the framework of the project “Hromada accessible to all – a shared responsibility”, a Mediation Centre (a school service for understanding) was created in the Severynivka Secondary School. The project was initiated by the NGO “My Severynivka”, reports Vladyslav Pidhayets, information support inspector of the Severynivka Village Council.

“The project was financed by the Renaissance Fund for the amount of UAH 495 thousand, of which UAH 100 thousand came from the local budget. The implementation of the idea involved a set of activities: preparation of premises, purchase of multimedia equipment, furniture, as well as survey and training of children. We have recruited experts from the Institute of Peace and Understanding for this work, including Yelyzaveta Koval, who has been helping to set up understanding services in Ukraine for over 10 years. Eighteen children were selected from the Severynivska and Chernyatynska AHs’ schools. They underwent special training that ensured the effective functioning of the Mediation Centre,” said Vladyslav Pidhayets.

The Mediation Centre is a focal point for finding solutions to conflict-free communication, and resolution of children’s disputes with the help of third-party. A specialised room with modern visualisation, recreation and stress relief facilities is available for communication at the school.

“Today, the optimisation of educational establishments is continuing in the AHs of the region. It should be understood that over time, children from underfilled schools will be enrolled in the filled classes of a hub school and, of course, it will take a certain period for pupils to adapt to the educational process in their new institution. Creating a centre that aims to prevent conflicts and teach children to constructively resolve disputes will undoubtedly improve the microclimate while studying in hromada schools,” said Vitaliy Shvets, exxpert in municipal services of the Vinnytsia LGDC of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme.

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Северинівська сільська об’єднана територіальна громада Северинівська територіальна громада


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