04 March 2024
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Decentralisation is entering a new stage, reform may not be wrapped up, - Groysman

The decentralisation reform launched in 2014 that envisages transfer of  financial resources and administrative powers to the regions is entering the second stage, namely the stage of effective use of new opportunities for the regions. That is why it is impossible to halt the reform by  hasty decisions. The Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman made this statement during a meeting with the leadership of the amalgamated hromadas of the Rivne Oblast. At present, 31 hromadas that have direct relations with the state budget were formed. According to the hromadas' plan there should be formed another 66 hromadas that will cover 100% of the region and 100% of the region's population.

"Decentralisation yielded good results. We need to talk about prospects and challenges for 2019-2020. The first stage of decentralisation was successful. Every resident of the amalgamated hromadas can compare the state of play before and after decentralisation. It was important for me to transfer not only  funds but also opportunities. When opportunities begin to yield result then we have growth increase. At the same time today the reform is facing threats. It can be halted quickly - 226 votes of MPs are enough in order to approve the decision not good for the local self-government. That is alarming. We have time to launch the second stage of the decentralisation. It is necessary to initiate amendments to the Constitution. If we do not go further regarding decentralisation, the reform will be blocked," the Head of Government underscored.

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Decentralisation is entering a new stage, reform may not be wrapped up, - Groysman


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04 March 2024

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