16 липня 2024
Вакансія: Лідер(ка) тематичної команди «Фінансова децентралізація» (англ.)
Вакансія: Лідер(ка) тематичної команди «Фінансова децентралізація» (англ.)

Programme: “Swedish Support to Decentralisation Reforms and Recovery in Ukraine 2024-2028”

SALAR International has finalised its current projects in Ukraine (DSP and Prosto), which were initiated before the full-scale invasion. To address the changing needs of Ukrainian municipalities and national actors during wartime, a new multi-level program has been initiated, to be financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). SALAR International is currently in the preparatory phase of the new programme, with estimated activities scheduled to begin in July or August 2024. The programme is planned for four years, but activities are currently outlined for the first 24 months.

The new programme aims to work with both short and long-term focus on addressing the needs of multi-level governance system in Ukraine and in parallel strengthen municipalities’ public service provision, as well as their direct engagement in the recovery and reconstruction process, in line with the requirements of EU accession. The programme will consist of two components: one focusing on policy and collaboration with national actors, and the other providing direct support to municipalities. It will encompass five thematic areas: Education, Fiscal Decentralisation and Budgeting, Administrative Service Provision, Locally-led Recovery, and International Municipal Cooperation. The programme will procure material support to address the crisis needs of municipalities and coordinate with other international actors to finance the implementation of recovery plans.

Organisational set up

The programme is a joint Swedish-Ukrainian initiative with management structures in both Stockholm and Kyiv. It encourages a flat organisational structure, meaning a high degree of autonomy and responsibility for involved experts, as well as strong local ownership among beneficiaries such as national stakeholders and Ukrainian municipalities.

It is expected that more than 50 people will be working full-time in Ukraine within various thematic teams as well as support units. The programme has its office in Kyiv but will implement activities in all regions controlled by the Ukrainian government.

Role description

The Thematic Team Leader “Fiscal decentralization” is a senior role that requires managing, supervising and guiding the work of 3-4 local and possibly international experts, ensuring development of workplans and delivery of results under the thematic area accordance with the plan. The role foresees taking responsibility on policy design, advocating change, driving policy discussions, establishing and maintaining communication with key stakeholders in the field of fiscal decentralisation such as the relevant Parliamentary Committees, the Ministry responsible for multilevel governance, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, local self-government bodies and their associations, NGOs, thinktanks etc.  Amidst the immediate challenges posed by the military conflict, the leader must also focus on long-term reforms to strengthen the financial and managerial capabilities of Ukrainian municipalities and support Ukraine's integration into the EU.

Duration: 21 months full-time, with possibility of extension.

Location: Ukraine (remote or on-site).


Send your application with max 3 page CV and max 1 page cover letter to ukraine@salarinternational.se. Please note “Thematic Team Leader Fiscal decentralisation” in the subject line. The interviews will be conducted on an ongoing basis. Only shortlisted applicants will receive a response by email when the recruitment has been finalised.

For more information, please download the Terms of Reference.

Deadline: 3 July 2024

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