21 April 2024
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Resilient Communities: Ukrainian Stories Dedicated to the Anniversary of the Full-Scale Invasion


Ukrainian communities demonstrate admirable resilience. Over the past two years, they have not ceased to develop and have only grown stronger.

To mark the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion, the USAID HOVERLA Activity shares a series of stories of communities that confidently overcome the challenges of war. With the HOVERLA’s support, they demonstrate the strength and capacity, which decentralization reform built.

The series of publications includes text and video stories with interviews with local government leaders:

Rising Above the Rubble

Building Resilience: The Story of Bobrovytsia Community's Recovery after Occupation

Keeping the lights on in Artsyz

Refuge in the mountains: How Polyana community helps thousands of IDPs 



“Confident that we will endure” How the Shatska community rallied during the toughest times of war 



Keeping Citizens Safe. How Obroshyne strengthened its security during the war



USAID HOVERLA Activity has adapted its support as a response to Russia’s full-scale invasion. HOVERLA assisted partners in emergency response, service continuity, and recovery efforts. In addition to comprehensive institutional support, 98 Ukrainian communities and 11 regional military administrations, with a total population of over 2.6 million Ukrainians, received dozens and hundreds of important modern equipment:

  • backhoe loaders and special attachments for recovery work
  • high-capacity (60-100KW) small generators (7.5-10KW)
  • sets of canteen kitchen equipment and furniture
  • sets of Firefighting uniform and Firefighting Pneumatic Instruments, fire extinguishers, firefighting motor cutters, motor pumps, and motor chainsaws
  • multifunctional tents
  • laptops, IT equipment, portable radio stations, and more

The USAID HOVERLA Activity continues to support the Ukrainian Government in implementing Decentralization Reform and developing capable, strong, accountable, and transparent local governments.

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