19 June 2024
Keeping the lights on in Artsyz
Keeping the lights on in Artsyz

The Artsyz community in the Odesa region was the first area to experience the full impact of Russia’s plan to inflict widespread and heavy damage by destroying energy facilities in Ukraine. In May 2022, Russia launched missile strikes on the city, damaging the power substation. As a result of this attack, the southern part of the Odessa region was left without electricity for 10 days.

Diana Hoycheva, Head of the Department of Economy and Investments of the Artsyz City Council recalls:

"The substation located in the territory of the Artsyz community supplies electricity to the southern part of Odessa. Tens of thousands of people could be left without power and unable to meet their basic needs at any moment. Therefore, it was crucial for the Artsyz City Council to install high-capacity generators at critical infrastructure facilities."


Diana Hoycheva


Fortunately, Artsyz was prepared, for in 2022, the USAID HOVERLA Activity provided the city with five petrol-electric generators with a capacity of 7 kW and two diesel generators with a capacity of 60 kW, which helped them survive both unforeseen and planned power outages. The community managed to set up Points of Invincibility, also called heating points where citizens can find essential life support in the aftermath of an attack. HOVERLA helped 25 communities, including Artsyz, in establish ‘Points of Invincibility,’ providing 250 large tents powered by generators and equipped with lanterns, fire extinguishers, extension cords, beds and blankets, first aid kits, and other essential items.



"Our residents received timely and comprehensive medical services, and over 14,000 city residents enjoyed uninterrupted water supply," adds Diana Hoycheva.

During another rocket shelling in the city, several private residential buildings were destroyed. Clearing the debris from destroyed buildings and vegetation was made much easier and faster through the backhoe excavator provided by USAID.

Thanks to USAID support, the Artsyz community not only successfully overcame the challenges of war but also continued to develop steadily. In addition to material assistance the Artsyz community received a lot of capacity-building training and technical assistance.

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