15 July 2024
Korosten, Zhytomyr oblast, and Wabash, Indiana, became sister cities


On June 20, Korosten, Zhytomyr Oblast, and Wabash, Indiana, became Sister Cities by signing an agreement. The established partnership will promote cultural exchange, knowledge transfer and economic cooperation between the communities of the two cities. The USAID HOVERLA Activity supported communities in establishing partnerships.

«At USAID, we are proud to support the establishment of partnerships at the city-to-city level reaffirming our strong commitment to local government as one of the driving forces of human diplomacy. USAID has been supporting the local government in Ukraine for over 20 years paving the way for successful decentralization reform. Establishing sister cities partnerships is one more important element of USAID support to local government as it represents a significant step forward fostering friendship, cooperation and cultural exchange between the two communities. Let us cultivate lasting partnership based on shared values, understanding and respect», – Marat Kyurchevsky, USAID Ukraine Project Management Specialist stated.

The focus of the partnership between the cities of Korosten and Wabash will be the exchange of culture and knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as green tourism and energy. The collaboration will not only foster connections between residents, but also economic growth and development, creating opportunities for citizens on both sides.

«Today is a historic day for the city of Wabash, as we sign our first Sister City Agreement with the city of Korosten. I believe that international relationships are the foundation for continued education and growth within our communities and benefit the citizens of all ages. I look forward to assisting Korosten in every way possible as we build up on our friendly relations through exchanging ideas, culture, education and other spheres. I believe this will be a mutual beneficial time for both of our cities and people. When we gather and share our experiences, world becomes a much richer place», - Wabash Mayor Scott Long highlighted.

«The city of Korosten is very happy to sign the Sister Cities Agreement with the city of Wabash, Indiana, because the exchange of best practices in the field of culture, education, and economic cooperation is extremely important for the development of communities. We are very interested in adopting the experience of US cities in the development of local self-government. Democracy, freedom, human rights are the key values to which we strive, and we will be sincerely grateful to our American partners for their support on this path», - Korosten Mayor Volodymyr Moskalenko emphasized.

The Sister Cities agreement between Korosten and Wabash will promote dynamic and fruitful relations between the two cities and peoples of both countries.

«USAID HOVERLA Activity’s paramount objective lies in fortifying local governments and steadfastly supporting Ukraine's ambitious decentralization reform agenda. This Sister City Agreement stands as a tangible testament to our unwavering commitment in bolstering local governance, and intermunicipal cooperation. HOVERLA possesses the capability to actively provide support to this Sister City Agreement with focus on the realms of education, innovation, entrepreneurship, and knowledge transfer. I firmly believe that this Sister City Agreement symbolizes the advent of a transformative journey towards a promising future for these cities», - Gabriel Abraham, USAID HOVERLA Activity Chief of Party concluded.

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