19 June 2024
A princely municipality. A report from the Lviv oblast

A princely municipality. A report from the Lviv oblast

How Davydiv has restores its former prosperity, having amalgamated 22 villages and created a port.

Davydiv is a great village, adjoining eastern outskirts of Lviv. It was founded in the XII-th century by a famous participant of princely appanage wars, a grandson of Yaroslav the Wise, Davyd. He used to keep company with kumans, due to his support he even conquered Volodymyr-Volynskyi and Lutsk. So, he accommodated them in the village, named after him. In the second half of the ХІІІ-th century there was little left from kumans’ Davydiv as it had been destroyed by Mongol Tatars. In 1939 traces of kumans were wiped off completely as the whole population was brought coercively to Poland within the Vistula operation and instead of those people Ukrainians from Polish villages were accommodated there. Nevertheless, Davydiv is not similar to any other village in Ukraine.

In the material Dmytro Synyak represents the story of this village success.


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Львівська область


Давидівська територіальна громада


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