22 February 2024
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On the perspectives of Constitution amendments in terms of decentralization and other issues – an interview by Vitalii Bezghin

Last summer the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine updated the administrative and territorial arrangement. So, in Ukraine there are 1469 municipalities that have to drive changes locally and to ensure quality service delivery to the population. For this purpose, municipalities were delegated powers and provided with funds from the central budget to the local level.

Amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine have to guarantee the decentralization irreversibility. Moreover, the parliament is developing a set of various initiatives concerning the local self-government improvement.

In his interview for Ukrinform, Vitalii Bezghin, the head of the subcommittee on the administrative and territorial arrangement and local self-government of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the Public Authority, Local Self-Government, Regional and Urban Development Organisation, a deputy of the Sluha Narodu faction, has covered the issues of when the Verkhovna Rada can consider amendments to the Fundamental Law  on decentralization and other bills within the reform.  


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